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The Story of the BBQ Flame Tamer:


Over my many years of grilling I have had my share of flame ups. Each time running into the house hollering, “Bring me a spray bottle! Bring me a spray bottle!” Then I quickly moved the food away from the flames. When my wife found a plastic spray bottle, we were never sure what was in it or what had been in it. She would rinse it out and fill it with water so I could knock down the flames.

Of course, spraying water on your food is better than having your food burn, but it doesn’t help the flavor. So I started pouring beer into the rinsed out spray bottles and using it to knock down flame ups. Not only were the flame ups brought under control, but the effect the beer had on the food was excellent, it added flavor and a slight glaze.

I went on like this for a few years until it dawned on me to make an adapter that would slip on to a beer bottle and have the correct threads to attach a trigger sprayer.  The BBQ FLAME TAMER was born. I have discovered that many other glass and plastic beverage bottles also work. We have since enjoyed Coca Cola, Squirt, Pepsi Cola, Orange Soda, Sprite, 7 Up, and even thin marinades and soy sauces like Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade. They all work well to manage flames and enhance the flavor of our food.

The BBQ FLAME TAMER solved a few problems. I didn’t need to run to find a spray bottle. I used the beer bottle I just opened. I didn’t need to be concerned about the history of a spray bottle as I had a fresh, clean, cold, bottle of beer to use.  It eliminated concerns about what I was spraying on my food. 


I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.