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1 BBQ Flame Tamer with Red Trigger Sprayer ** Bottle not included.

Price: $14.95
Item Number: FTB-1 Red

Product Description
The BBQ FLAME TAMER is the combination of a unique adapter and a powerful trigger sprayer that converts a beverage type bottle into a spray bottle.

All barbecuers should have something to keep flare-ups under control. Flames can ruin your food and even create carcinogens.  Fire can be dangerous. Why not have something that controls the flames and enhances the flavor at the same time?

Beer is an excellent flavor enhancer and helps to maintain the moisture in your food while barbecuing. So why not just turn your beer bottle into a flame taming flavor enhancer?

No more washing away the flavor from dousing those flames with water.

The adapter is the Red thing that slips on to the bottle and the trigger sprayer screws on to.
The BBQ FLAME TAMER Adapter (only the adapter) is made in the USA by our friends at Proto Labs in Minnesota.
The BBQ Flame Tamer was initially designed to work on a 12 beer bottle. I have discovered that many other glass and plastic bottles will work. Coca Cola, Squirt, Pepsi Cola, Orange Soda and others to manage flames and flavor my food.
We use the best High-Output Trigger Sprayers we could find. They dispense 3.5 ml of liquid per squeeze – four times more than standard trigger sprayers. Sprayers feature a special rubber piston cup that provides greater chemical resistance and a 9.25 inch dip tube. Sprayers are ideal for use with slightly aggressive chemical formulations. The nozzle adjusts the spray from a mist to a stream. Comfort triggers increase comfort and grip for users.

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